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Bark Twain Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Services is dependable. 

Petsitting in your home  Or Overnight Care.  I DO NOT BOARD PETS.  Choosing an in-home pet sitter means your pet(s) doesn't need to travel to a local boarding facility and neither do you!

If you're visiting our great Historical towns I provide Hotel drop-in care visits. I stay in your neighborhood and walking time varies. Maybe your pup only walks for 15 min or 1 hour. " If weather permits" Indoor play-time optional. Or maybe your pet only needs a drop-in care visit in your hotel room or vacation rental. 

My Pet sitting will be In Your Home which is best for your pets.  It's mentally & physically good to get your dog (s) out of the house or your hotel room. They need exercise and a chance to check out the neighborhood sights & sniffs. If you have a cat(s) I will give them lots of love and playtime. I know how special your pet(s) are to you, and so I make every pet special to me. I take that responsibility very seriously.

We begin with a Meet & Greet to make sure we all feel comfortable & confident with each other.

I am sorry, but I don't board animals

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How It Works

To ensure the best quality of care, I will meet you and your pet(s) for a free meet and greet.  I will go over your pet(s) favorite things (belly rubs, friends, treats, balls, toys, little children) and your pet(s) least favorite things ( large dogs, strangers, people with hats, caps, face masks, sunglasses, certain sounds, noise?), as well as your pet(s) daily routine.   I want to know everything there is to know about your pet(s) so that they have the best time under my care.

Upon my arrival at my visit, I  will check in with you. If I am taking your dog(s) out for a walk you will receive notification that our walk has started. If it's a drop-in care visit, you will receive chat updates and photos about your pet(s). Upon completion of the dog walk or drop-in care visit, I will let you know I am done, your pets are well and safe in your home, and any news you should know. 


50% hold-the-dates-deposit regardless if its a weeks notice  3 - 5 month in advanced notice.

Full Payment must be paid first day of service. NO EXCEPTIONS!

" I  will not be taking last-minute request Or after-hours  this fall 2022." 

I am fully booked for the Holidays 2022  for Overnight Pet Care & Home Stays. 

I wish you and your family a Paww-some Holiday.

God Bless You.

 Cancellation Policy

Cancellations made 48 hours or less before a reservation will be subject to a rebooking fee of $40.00

Late cancellations (24 hr.) will be charged 25% of your deposit.

Last minute cancellations will be charged 50% of your deposit.

I strongly recommend to cancel by phone or text.

to Iris at (209) 584-4770 

Cancellations made 48 hrs. before appointment will be without penalty.

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Keeping your pet(s) on their daily diet routine

Whether your pets have fur or feathers! all are welcomed!   I will keep your pets on their personalized diet. If your pet requires medications or special needs,  that will be discussed at our Meet & Greet.

Plenty of Play & Love for Your Pets

Your pet(s) will have plenty attention and affection, walks , belly rubs & play sessions.

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Staying Connected

When I arrive for a dog walk or a pet care visit you will be notified with a pic & text.  I will use DoggyLogs GPS  that keeps track of area-time & distance we do together.

You will get a discount if you schedule 7 days or more.

Making Your Life a Little Easier

Calaveras County Bark Twain Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Services help you simplify your life with dog walking, pet sitting, and home services.  I do not charge extra for the same household pets or administration of medication.    Additional fees may apply if you have an overwhelming home full of pets.

Going for a Walk

Daily Dog Walking

          Dog Walks

  • 15 - 20 min. $22

  • 30 - 35min.  $26

  • 40 - 45 min. $30

No extra charges for the same house-hold dogs, ever.

Walks available at all times. Length of walk will be determined by the weather and your dog’s health. Longer walks available upon request.

Overnight Pet Care Stay or you

may prefer Live in Care

Your pets get lots of extra love and attention & playtime.  Starting 7 pm till 7 am approximately 12 hrs.  Your pets will not be lonely and  your home will not be empty overnight.

Service Rates between  $75 - $80

Live in care / Home care

This service has a pet sitter live at your home as if it is their own and guarantees your pets will never be alone for more than 4 1/2  hours at a time.  Booked as 24-hour periods.   Every family situation is unique and so are your pet(s).   Details will be discussed at our Meet & Greet.

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Shot of beautiful young woman playing with her cute lovely animals sitting on the floor in

Drop-In Care Visits

My drop-in care visits may include any or all of the following,  depending on the length of the visit. Feeding & freshwater litter box maintenance, administering medication, brushing, playing, or walking.   I can also take care of home tasks such as bringing in mail , taking out and bringing in garbage bins, watering indoor plants / outdoor plants , and keeping your house looking lived-in by alternating lights and window coverings.

   Drop-ins range from 30 min to 60 min.

" If you feel more time will be needed for the  drop-in ,

that  could be discussed at our Meet & Greet🐾 "

About Me

To put it simply, I have deep respect & love for animals. I am not just walking dogs or pet sitting,   I am spending time with a family member,  interacting with them.  Some are more sensitive than others who have routines, likes, dislikes, and have individual personalities and different styles of communication.

I am sensitive affectionate and playful and that's why we get along so well. Unless they're grumpy, they will let me know when they're done.  I will keep in close communication with you via text & pics. and share our time together.

licensed through Angels Camp City Lic#22151 

A dedicated member of Pet Sitters International.

 Insured by PETCARE INS. 

Cert. Number #PC154669

Covid-19 Certified for Pet Sitters  & Dog Walkers through PSI.

I use ACUTRAQ for my background screening.   For Your Peace of Mind.

Last updated Report Date 08-08-2022

File Number #847171

ACUTRAQ Has Been The Leader In Background Screening Solutions. They have helped hundreds of top-flight companies.

And have references upon request.

       Thank you for stopping by!

  I hope to meet you and your pets!

       Have a paww-some day!

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