Calaveras County Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Services

Make sure your dog gets out of the house everyday for exercise and a chance to check out all the neighborhood sights and smells. We also care for cat(s) and give them lots of love and playtime.  For most dogs  2-3 visits per day would be good and most cats do okay with 1-2 visits per day. You know your pet best and you make the decision on how many visits your pet would be comfortable with. We provide special care for senior pets and can administer medications if needed.

In home Pet-Sitter it’s kind, caring, and convenient not only does choosing an in-home pet sitter mean your pet doesn’t need to travel to a local boarding facility, but it means neither do you! All you need to do on departure day is pack up, welcome the pet sitter into your home, and set off knowing you’ll return to a safe and happy pet.   Just imagine how much time and effort (and even heartache) this will save, especially if you have multiple pets.  Whether you have a family of felines, a field of alpacas, or a menagerie of different animals, a pet sitter will keep the whole pack together.



Overnight Care In Your Home


Arrival Time Between 6 -7 pm Depart next Day Between 6 - 7 am
When I arrive in the evening, I will take your dog(s) for a 30 minute walk. And I will do a quick walk before we stay in for the night. In the morning, I will take your dog(s) for another 30 min walk before leaving for the day. Additional mid-day walks can be requested for an additional fee.
You Home will be cared for and any special request for home Care will be discussed at the Meet & Greet.

Hotel Pet Visits

$25 per visit

These services include Walks, Belly-Rubs, Lots of Love & Play-Time , feeding if requested (owner provides the food) and fresh water before leaving

Pet Care Visits

$25 per visit

Our pet care service visit consist on checking In with your pet(s). Giving medication if requested, special care , walks , attention & love to reduce separation anxiety , fresh water treats and more love.
*Good Morning Visits 6-9am
*Good Afternoon Visits 11-3pm
*Good Evening Visits 5-8pm
*Good Night Visits 8-10pm $5 surcharge

Dog Walking

30 min walk


45 min walk


45 min walk


1 hr. walk



Additional Pets


* Late Cancellation




* Holiday Cancellation


* Non-holiday appointments canceled within 24 hours of the scheduled start time will incur a fee. If your appointment occurs on a holiday 72 hours (3 days) notice is required.